Our Leaders

Kolby Mtilon

Kolby Mtilon

Youth Pastor

Kim Lindstrom

Kim Lindstrom

Youth Ministry Director

Nathan Pawluck

Nathan Pawluck

Gospel Leader

Dan Steenson



12th – Run for your life  (Tuesday 7-9pm)

19th – Party at the Hub (Tuesday 7-9:30pm)

26th – Small Group Kick Off (Tuesday 7-9pm)


3rd – Series: Jesus Uncensored (Tuesday 7-9pm)

10th – Jesus Uncensored (Tuesday 7-9pm)

17th – Jesus Uncensored (Tuesday 7-9pm)

24th – Jesus Uncensored (7-9pm)

31st – No Youth


7thst – Series: I’m Not OK (Tuesday 7-9pm)

14th – Series: I’m Not OK (Tuesday 7-9pm)

21st – Series: I’m Not OK (Tuesday 7-9pm)

28th – Series: I’m Not OK (Tuesday 7-9pm)

24th – Mall Hunt Event (Friday, 5:30-12am, cost :$5)

29th – Series: This changes everything (Tuesday 7-9pm)


5th – Series: Jesus Uncensored (Tuesday 7-9pm)

12th – Series: Jesus Uncensored (Tuesday 7-9pm)

15th – All Nighter – The Last Jedi (Friday 7pm – Saturday 7am , Cost : $25)